Anis Zunuzi Baha'i School


Established in 1982 on the out-skirts of Haiti's capital, Port-Au-Prince, the Anis Zunuzi Baha'i School is a primary and secondary school that provides access to quality education for the poorest of Haiti's children. With 300 current students attending between kindergarten and grade 13, the school follows the national Haitian program with an emphasis on moral education, to empower the children and youth by fostering cooperation and a spirit of service. 

In the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, a group of friends, doctors and like-minded individuals traveled from the U.S to the heart of the devastation with the aim of helping in any way possible. This was the inception of Love For Haiti. It was at the Anis Zunuzi Baha'i School, where the group set up a hospital to aid the injured and homeless citizens of a nation brought to its knees. Since that time, a very special relationship has developed between the Anis Zunuzi Baha'i School and Love For Haiti, with the team visiting the school multiple times a year.  


Art and Music Program

With a flourishing Art and Music Program, students at Anis Zunuzi Baha'i School are provided with a well rounded education of academia and the arts. Our team at Love For Haiti are proud to support the Art and Music Programs by collecting instruments and art supplies generously donated by members of our local communities in Hoboken and Jersey City, New Jersey, and hand delivering them to the students at Anis Zunuzi. Collaborating with bwè kafe, a Haitian inspired coffee shop, all donations and instruments are collected at the Hoboken and Jersey City locations. Please follow bwè kafe on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on our next Haiti trip! Otherwise, please feel free to contact our team.